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228 Montauk Highway, Hampton Bays, NY, 11946, US

Phone: (631) 728-9453


To preserve & protect our region's native wildlife by providing rehabilitation services and education to raise public awareness of the factors that threaten its abundance and diversity.”

Estelle Alexander was born 1910, married to Jack Alexander, and had one child, Leslie Alexander. Estelle went by Evelyn. She was an artist and a great singer and always loved animals. In response to a generous endowment presented to the Wildlife Rescue Center by Mr. Leslie Alexander in early 2011, the Wildlife Rescue Center became the Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue Center in honor of Mr. Alexander's mother.

The Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue Center depends upon volunteers for a wide variety of tasks, and because the animals here depend on us for their very existence, we do ask for a serious commitment from our volunteers. If you are interested in any of the following volunteer opportunities, please call us for an application. Volunteers can help the animals in a variety of ways! Call us at (631)728-WILD. An application will be sent to you and a staff member will contact you for an interview.

Animals We Help:

●Song Birds
● Waterfowl
● Raptors
● Turtles

● Deer
● Opossums
● Squirrels

● Bunnies
● Foxes
● Snakes


Amazing place to bring wildlife. The volunteers and veterinarians are wondering passionate people who are willing to inform and educate you on their center. If you ever find yourself visiting there because of an emergency or for educational purposes, please make a donation to the center!!!! Your donation will help keep this center running and open!

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The kind, selfless hours in helping, tending, care to, finding, bringing in, the expenses, rehibilltation,, like and love that goes into every animals in need they can help, I live and salute Evelyn Alexander and every helper, employee who have given their hearts and souls to animals.

— facebook

They are all the most caring individuals I ever met! I love their sense of humor also! Help the Center out in any way you can, the animals deserve it! Thank you to all the wonderful staff & volunteers for all you do!

— facebook

The most amazing rescue center. These people truly extend themselves, ex: my daughter and i were outside at cages that hold birds. A lovely woman told us there names, type, age, injury... So much info!!! We have visited before and its alway been such a great experience, take the time to stop and see!!!

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